Appleton STW


Appleton STW


Thames Water



Type of work

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


Thames Water engaged ACIEM to build two new Humus Tanks and modify the existing chambers and pipework to accommodate the new Humus Tanks.

ACIEM modified the collection chambers, and installed penstock valves to isolate the existing Humus Tanks.

In addition, the contract was to:

• Construct a new Humus Tank distribution chamber with outflow weirs to adjust the flows to each Humus Tank.

• Construct 2 no concrete vessels to finish 1 metre above pathway. Each tank has a rotating halfbridge scraper system, with end carriage drive unit. Local bridge control panel.

• Construct a new de-sludge concrete chamber, with a 2 pump pumping station above ground.

• Construct concrete plinth for and mount MCC.

• Supply and install a 63 amp main distribution M.C.C. with a mains distribution cable to a kiosk adjacent to the Humus Tanks de-sludge chamber. Mount on a constructed concrete plinth.

• Test and commission the installation and supply the original lifting test certificates and installation completion certificates.