Avonmouth Acid Phase Digestion Plant


Avonmouth Acid Phase Digestion Plant


Wessex Water



Type of work

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


ACIEM adapted the existing Acid Phase Digestion Plant at Bristol Sewage Treatment Works, Avonmouth to both increase the existing capacity of the plant and to enable diversion of the waste material to the new Food Waste Treatment Plant should it be required.


ACIEM increased the capacity of the existing APD plant by re-specifying and reconfiguring associated ancillary equipment and pipework, enabling the plant to be used as pre-treatment to all ten mesophillic anaerobic digesters on site.

In addition we engineered a linkage between the APD plant and the new FWTP. The sewage sludge can now be diverted to the Food Waste Treatment Plant to maintain operating temperature and mass thereby preserving the process should there be a shortfall in food waste provision. Works included:

Modification of existing storage tanks

New pumps

Heat recovery systems

Control panel design and integration

Motor control boards

We were able to replace the existing control panels operating the APD plant with custom built control panels which resulted in a significant cost saving to the client against the original brief. The control panels were installed to the client’s high standard specification.