Cropredy STW


Cropredy STW


Thames Wate



Type of work

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


Thames Water engaged ACIEM to upgrade the serviceability of the Cropredy STW. Within the contract, ACIEM constructed a new 9 metre centre cone, vertical wall HST tank, with half bridge scraper, to a level of 1 metre above spill weir and a scum board, to prevent infiltration of ground water.

To remove the HST settled sludge, ACIEM constructed a 17 metre diameter, 4 meter deep de-sludge chamber and associated pipework together with a 2 inch pump de-sludge pumping station with a timed control system.   Modifications were made to the existing Recirculation pump station by installing an extra pump and replacing one of the existing pumps. Modifications were made to the site existing pipework to accommodate the new works.

In the Filter bed, we renewed the rotation arms and pendulum wheel rotation turret, mounted at clearance height of 200mm above the filter bed. We manufactures and installed a new MCC to replace the controls. The installation of the MCC was done while keeping existing plant operational. Test and commission.