Farmoor Valves


Farmoor Valves




Type of work

Mechanical and Civil Engineering


ACIEM completed the replacement of seven contact tank valves from 750mm to 1200mm in size and a number of flowmetres at various points in the process.


Farmoor is an advanced water treatment plant capable of treating 109 million litres of water per day. ACIEM undertook surveys across the whole of the site and established safe methods of working.

The valves which were replaced were either housed within generously sized concrete chambers or ‘directly buried’ with spindles brought up to ground level in small diameter sleeves which were then ‘T’ key operated from a concrete base.

ACIEM coordinated shut downs and network isolations and adopted safe systems of work throughout the project including those for working under HV cables. Measures included a substantial system of protection goalposts and the provision of a clearly delineated access track which adhered to the safety clearance distances given by Scottish and Southern Electricity.

In order to improve compliance of the site we connected the valves to the existing pipework enabled by the use of special flange adaptors. This did expose the challenges of fitting onto existing deformed mild steel pipework, all of which were resolved.

Due to operational constraints ACIEM managed a clear and communicated programme for attendance at site.