Frome Water Treatment Works


Frome Water Treatment Works


Bristol Water



Type of work

Civil, Mechanical & Electrical


Construction of a reinforced concrete pumping station within an existing operational Water Treatment Works operated by Bristol Water. The pumping station houses four pumps which are used to blend water from two separate sources to balance nitrate content. The “Hydraulics” required that the pumping station structure was set some 4.8m below ground level in somewhat variable existing ground conditions and immediately adjacent to a Victorian era brick built water storage reservoir. This in turn required the specialist design and construction of a temporary shoring system involving sheet pile installation in pre-augered 600mm diameter overlapping holes taken down to just below the new structure’s formation level. A “No toe” solution was then adopted for the shoring system necessitating the phased use of heavy duty hydraulic support frames.


The resulting box structure was capped off with a ground level RC slab, containing maintenance openings for the pumps and also with openings for the ventilation system. The electrical panels for control and power for the pumps and ventilation system were housed in a single story rendered block construction control house which was partially supported by the pumping station slab and allowed staircase access into lower pump areas for maintenance.