Huntercombe STW


Huntercombe STW


Thames Water



Type of work

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


Prior to adoption Huntercombe STW required significant upgrades to meet operational and regulatory requirements.


Installation of an ultrasonic controlled inlet screen with bypass capability and a high level alarm to telemetry Washwater booster pump to clean the screenings which is fed from the Hydrobrake chamber and can also be used as a wash down point next to the skip area for the screened waste.

Conversion of the former redundant grease trap into an alternating duty / standby PST feed pump chamber; the pumps are controlled by variable speed drives from an ultrasonic, with back up float control.

New 4m diameter up-flow PSTs each with its own de-sludge pump controlled by a sauter timer which de-sludges to a new 35m3 sludge holding tank.

Installation of SAF plants with a common duty air blower and a standby blower.

Two new secondary 5m diameter up-flow treatment HST’s, each HST has its own de-sludge pump controlled by a sauter timer which will de-sludge back to the head of the works.

All equipment has telemetry alarms to current Thames Water standards