Little Marlow STW


Little Marlow STW


Thames Water



Type of work

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


* A granular activated carbon (GAC) polishing odour control unit (OCU) for the existing sludge dewatering odour control unit Replacement of both composting building biofilters with a wet chemical scrubber

* Provision of a carbon polishing unit to remove any odorous compounds still present post-scrubbing

* A new pumping station to pump the waste effluent from the acid scrubber to the BNR distribution chamber including chemical resistant pipework as necessary A new potable water booster set to supply the acid dilution system

* A new kiosk and MCC including all ICA and telemetry A new dedicated washwater system for the acid scrubber Modification of site roads to ensure access to all areas of new plant

* Cost benefits achieved by careful selection of carbon media giving extended life-span and reducing maintenance

* Maximised modular design principles by off-site fabrication to give quality controlled process units

* Highly successful project which has removed odour nuisance completely Existing assets were used wherever possible