Oxford STW


Oxford STW





Type of work

Civil, Mechanical & Electrical


ACIEM worked on this Aecom/Kier joint venture where Thames Water utilised the bio-solids produced by its sewage treatment operations to increase the generation of green energy by the use of thermal hydrolysis prior to anaerobic digestion. The process provided the benefits of a higher throughput by the anaerobic digestion plant. Oxford STW has been designated as a Strategic Sludge Centre whereby the sludge treatment activities are intensified with the introduction of a thermal hydrolysis plant.


The upgrade of Oxford STW was to provide the required additional sludge treatment capacity required due to the growing local population, thus enabling sludge from a number of sludge dewatering centres and satellite sewage treatment works to treated to current standards for disposal. ACIEM’s involvement at Oxford STW upgrade is the Mechanical installation including the detailed Design, Manufacture, Supply, works testing and inspecting of pipework, valves and ancillary equipment.