Poole Sewage Treatment Works


Poole Sewage Treatment Works


Wessex Water



Type of work

Mechanical And Electrical Engineering


The works for each Biocell comprised of the following:

  • In conjunction with the Client’s operational staff, to isolate the effluent flow into the appropriate Biofor cell
  • Empty effluent from the cell, back into the upstream flow distribution channel cells in a performance of the remaining cells
  • Remove and store media from the cell into 1t aggregate bags.  In addition, prior to storage, the medi from Biofor Stage One cells shall be screened and washed to remove sludge and debris.  There are different grades / types of media within the cells and these had to be kept separate.  The support for disposal and the bio-media was to be stored for reuse.
  • Removal and storage of process air supply pipe work
  • Removal and disassembly of all effluent filters fir cleaning and reassembly and refit
  • Cleaning of process air pipework, replacement with Oxazur air nozzles and refit, providing new additional stainless steel support brackets to suit
  • Cleaning out of the plenum chamber
  • Refilling media, starting with the supply and installation of new support gravels, which shall be graded and washed as per site information.  The recovered bio-media was then reinstalled, with the shortfall in the final volume of bio-media being made uup with additional Lytag Aqualite 2.7
  • Recommissioning of cells, allowing them to re-seed