Sutton Bingham Water Treatment Works


Sutton Bingham Water Treatment Works


Wessex Water



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ACIEM delivered a water quality improvement scheme providing turnkey solutions for both the refurbishment of the existing works and the installation of new processes. The works included the replacement of existing mechanical and electrical plant and equipment and civil engineering refurbishment works. ACIEM installed new processes including the supply, construction and commissioning of structures, pipeline, plant and other works necessary to deliver a granulated activated carbon treatment plant, a rotating biological filter and manganese plant.

Our teams carried out the installation of large diameter pipework, civil refurbishment work and removal and replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment working within enclosed spaces; removal and replacement of pumps, actuator valves and control system; installation of a new profibus system Installation of a new site wide HVAC system;  site wide testing and commissioning,  provision of O&M manuals and as-built drawings and asset lists for all equipment and systems; training of purchaser’s personnel,  provision of temporary power supply / generation during the construction and commissioning phases of the works; ensuring that security and safety measures requiring power are supplied throughout the duration of the works.

ACIEM undertook principal contractor role and responsibilities including: site set up and welfare; site signage; health & safety plan; coordination and cooperation between all contractors on site; client communication; stakeholder liaison; all documentation including operation,