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Wessex Water Site Security


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Mechanical and Civil Engineering


ACIEM  (as Damar Group) has programme and project managed works to enable Wessex Water to meet its security obligations throughout the AMP3 and AMP4 periods and is doing so currently in AMP5.


Covering around 400 sites in the last 3 years, work has been undertaken from survey and assessment of requirements on site to delivery of project on time and to budget. Types of work undertaken include physical and IDS protection of Reservoirs, Water Treatment Works, Gas Stores, Boreholes, Dams and Boosters:

Physical and Intruder Detection System (IDS) protection of covered reservoirs using LPC rated covers and approved IDS such as Watercress

Physical and IDS protection of water treatment works and boosters; again using LPC security products (doors, bars, gates, covers, cages) and IDS (Galaxy with normal positive infrared sensors, vipers, contacts, Senstar and CCTV where required to comply)

Physical protection of chlorine rooms by use of clamps or vestibules including change-over of banks and IDS protection Boreholes via large kiosks, cages or covers LPC3 or 4 as appropriate with the addition of Senstar

Dams protected as appropriate using cages, kiosks, covers, Senstar, CCTV following safe working practices such as use of floating safe working platforms

Installation of security fencing including Power Fences

All security installed incorporates a relay to the control room via a telemetry system. Full monitoring of CCTV is undertaken at control to a simple set / un-set and normal/alarm configuration. ACIEM uses a minimum of LPC3 rated security installations at Wessex Water sites.