New ERP system coming soon

ACIEM has invested in the development of new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software called E-Vision, which will be introduced throughout the business later this year.

Based on Microsoft Navision, E-Vision has been tailored for ACIEM in order to revolutionise the way we work, streamlining processes and communication across the business. It will provide exceptional, accurate, controlled and timely cost management and forecasting, improving the commercial review and performance of our contracts.

The system has many benefits, including site management capabilities, an improved procurement cycle and the ability to align ourselves with our clients’ requirements for open book contracts.

Staff training on E-Vision will take place in August and September, with the new system going live in October.

A new tendering and estimating package, Evaluate, is due to be introduced next year and will run alongside E-Vision to further improve efficiency across the business. On contract award, Evaluate will directly populate the estimated budget lines into E-Vision.