Keeping pace with technological advancements and developments is a challenge for us all.  Damar Group has linked up with Isle Utilities, an innovation consultancy specialising in the development and commercialisation of emerging technologies in the water and energy sectors.  Sitting on the Technical Approval Group (TAG) we stay conversant with new developments and actively support innovators in meeting the needs of our clients, the industry and the market needs.  This technical engagement sets us apart from our competitors.

Isle Utilities has a proven track record in bringing together the optimal blend of technical and commercial specialists to help make the right decision.  Their sector knowledge across water, waste, the built environment, energy and carbon is a valuable resource. This is used to identify technology deal-flow, undertake due diligence, provide market intelligence, and work with investors.  They have extensive in-house expertise in bringing new technologies to market and an established framework to support innovation, technology development, strategy and growth, and investment.

Since its inception, the Technology Approval Group has delivered a focused, collaborative framework for innovation that brings a new energy and momentum to the industry – not only by introducing new step-change technologies to the market, but also by leveraging venture capital investment.  Isle maintains a completely unbiased approach to sourcing and screening new technologies, which are typically post-R&D but not yet fully commercialised.  Through the Technical Approval Group, Isle works with the majority of the UK’s water companies and more recently has started expanding its activities overseas.

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